MBC röportajı ( Şubat 2010 )

Girl     :
Murat : Asi finished in here (Turkey). After 5 months I started a new series called Aşk ve Ceza. Now we’re shooting it. I think it will go on 2 years in here. Maybe 1 year later it will run on MBC too. Our series name is Aşk ve Ceza. I’m acting a man who was born and grown in Anatolia, completed his education in Istanbul, worked in Italy, stayed away from his family, stayed away from his family reality. It’s a character who becomes leader of the tribe after his brother and father died and who tries to fix all wrongs and fights for that, and also who fights for  his love and who’s name is fight
Girl    :
Murat : We will see, I can’t say anything about that but we’re doing a series which will be liked by audience. Turkish people liked it. It has good ratings. I think it will be liked in Middle East too. Because our stories aren’t different from yours. I believe it will be liked at Middle East too because of our culture isn’t different from yours.
Girl    :
Murat:Series sets and sinema are the same. Theater is different from them. You do everything once in theater. If you’re in series you use to work like that (hard). You’re human necessarily you can lose your concentration. It’s very normal. I can lose too. Generally we repeat scenes at least 4,5,6 times. You have to do things in the same way. I opened the phone,closed same way , I’m surpriesed, I smile in the same way. Maybe you must be angry in the same way. In all times you must be ready for that. It’s difficult side of series.
Girl  :
Murat: In my normal life I have differences from Demir Doğan. But I have similarities with him too. It’s a character who crated by myself. Absolutely there are somethings at him belongs to me: looks, postures, talking style. Of course I don’t live as Demir Doğan during all my life. I can say I live different from him, I live more colorful ,wider than him, slightly different. But I have moments which I live as Demir.
About “talking with eyes”; sometimes talking isn’t necessary, a look can be enaugh for acting, than I use them.
Girl  :
Murat : We shoot an episode in 6 days. People shoot 80,90 pages as long as a cinema film in many series sets . Shooting in 6 days and being attentive  as cinema is impossible. So serieses are being shooted with slightly less detail moreover less detail all over the world. They are being shooted more shallow. You have to temporize this speed. If you’re working in 6 days, your shootings can overlap with your series running day . I watch first 10-15 episodes at my series but than it’s very difficult to watch them.  Because you have to do your work as soon as possible. It looks like fast food. So that you can’t consider everything so much. I watch sometimes and can’t watch sometimes episodes.
Girl  :
Murat : I want. maybe my all fame is predicated on him, because of him.

Kaynak : http://www.huniliyiz.net/


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